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Five tips for Practice Pilates at Home safely
Apr 23

Five tips for Practice Pilates at Home safely

Pilates is one of those exercise modalities that a few years ago took the world by storm, soon everyone was practicing pilates, in gyms and studios around the world. Now its accessible in the comfort of your own home, right at your desktop and TV. So how do we safely practice “the thinking mans exercise” without causing our bodies harm.

  1. The most important thing to remember with Pilates is to always work safely through your back, at no time should your lower back be in pain. Sometimes when we do back extension exercise that are there to strengthen your lower back we might feel the muscles burning. that sensation is totally normal and a common sensation as your lower back muscles being to strengthen. Remember that if your lower back starts to pinch or feel pain, stop make a mental note of where you have gotten to so that next time you can build on your strength. Exercises to watch out for include the abdominal series and in particular the hundreds.
  2. We all love working on our tummy, building core strength and getting those abs toned and taught, when working through your pilates routine at home remember to keep your lower back imprinted into the mat. This can be done by simply drawing your belly into your spine, this helps to engage your transverse abdominal muscles and protect your lower back.
  3. Work at a level thats appropriate for your skills and fitness, sometimes its easy to want to move through higher levels but remember that your body might not be ready for the extra challenge. Always start from the beginning and work your way through the Pilates levels over time.
  4. As a pilates teacher many of my students would complain of neck pain during many exercises when their heads were elevated. I recommend if you are experiencing any type of neck pain during your pilates routine to either place your hands behind your head to support your head and neck or place your head on the floor. The exercises can be just as effective without feeling the discomfort of neck pain.
  5. If your enjoying yourself your body will feel the effects to a greater extent. Being present and focused on what your doing has the ability to transform your workout and your body. The alternative tis to drag yourself to your mat, thinking about all the other tasks you have ahead, this distracts your mind and will not give you the results we all desire “ that Pilates body”


Caroline Leon

Founder of A Life of Energy

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