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How many times per week should we actually do Pilates to see the benefits?
Apr 23

How many times per week should we actually do Pilates to see the benefits?


Exercise is such an integral part of human function, the more we exercise the better our bodies feel and perform. As a Pilates teacher and Instructor trainer I have been asked this question thousands of times, “How many times per week should I come to class”,  I would always recommend that they practice Pilates 3 times per week in combination with any other form of exercise like swimming or walking. Since then a lot has changed for me, and my view of exercise has shifted massively. 6 months ago I was in a rock climbing accident, where I spent almost 2 months in hospital and 2 more months in a wheel chair. I didn’t just break my bones, I smashed them, my spine, pelvis and both feet. From that point on I had to teach my body how to walk, how to swim, how to ride a bike and walk up the stairs. This experience has changed how I view exercise. Through a daily practice of Pilates and swimming I have managed to rehabilitate my body to where I can now walk (almost properly) If I set aside 45 minutes everyday to my Pilates practice or swimming I am completely pain free. If however I neglect time for myself and do not do any exercise within 2 or 3 days everything starts to ache again. My new recommendation is exercise everyday, particularly if you have a sedentary job or lifestyle. Set aside time for yourself everyday to do your own workout at home or go to a class. If you have an injury or live with a chronic disorder then this rule is even more important. I know it sounds strict and rigid to recommend that you exercise everyday but its the truth. Being on both sides of the fence as a Pilates teacher and now as the client, if your serious about loosing weight, alleviating your back pain, or simply getting fit and health,EXERCISE EVERY DAY. For you this might mean going for a 45 minute walk everyday or getting on the floor of your living room with your Mat and your laptop on lilyfit watching me teach you Pilates. It might mean walking to work or heading to a new class at the gym, weight training or swimming in your local pool. What ever it is, as long as your moving your body for 45 minutes everyday, preferably outside then thats some form of exercise.

Caroline Leon

Founder of A Life of Energy

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