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Intro to Anatomy and Physiology and Understanding Injuries

INSTRUCTOR: Caroline Leon
DATE: Sunday 10th –  Thursday 14th March 2016


Sunday 10th – 12 – 6pm
Monday 11th: 12 – 6pm
Tuesday 12th: 12:00 – 3:00pm
Wednesday 13th: 12:00- 3:00pm
Thursday 14th: 12-6pm
Friday 15th TBC

LOCATION: Naya Yoga and Pilates Studio
COST: 3,000 AED


Product Description

Learn the basic Anatomy of the human body and discover how pathology, injuries and restrictions impact the way we function. Understand practical approaches to build strength, tone and restore normal function using the Pilates Method of exercise.


  • Completed Written Quiz


Consideration of special needs, Pathology and Conditions whilst teaching the Pilates Method of exercise

  • Sunday 10th April 2016 12 noon – 6pm The Dynamic Trunk, The Spine
  • Monday 11th April 2016 12 noon – 6pm The Pelvis and Sacro-Illiac Joint
  • Tuesday 12th April 2016 12 noon – 6pm The Lower limb: Hip, Knee and Ankle
  • Wednesday 13th April 2016 12 noon – 6pm The Shoulder Girdle Anatomy and common injuries
  • Thursday 14th of April 2016 12 noon – 6pm Pilates and Pregnancy


PHONE: +971 5569 30529