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REPS: Members in Focus with Caroline Leon
Apr 23

REPS: Members in Focus with Caroline Leon

Members in Focus Interview with Caroline Leon 



Q1- At what pivotal moment did you decide that a career in fitness was your calling? There was no pivotal moment it was just a natural progression. Whilst at university studying (B.A. Med Science) I worked as a receptionist at a Pilates studio, soon after starting at the studio I began a 2 year mentorship to become a fully certified Pilates Instructor. For my postgraduate degree (Dip International Heath) I starting practicing Yoga and soon after completed a 300 hr + Yoga Teacher Training program. That’s how it has always been, Ive just always wanted to know more about the human body and used Yoga and Pilates as the vehicle to physically explore that within my own body.
What training challenges have you faced and overcome…how? 
My training challenge is definitely my mind. In yoga we have something called tapas it translates as discipline, for me, discipline is my greatest challenge. 
Q2- With the numerous fitness buffs active in the industry. What sets you apart as a trainer? I am not a personal trainer, I am a Yoga and Pilates practitioner, both these methodologies are deeply complex involving more than just physical fitness. For me this isn’t a fad, its my life I practice all the elements of what it means to be a Yogi, I have dedicated my life to its practice and live its principles. My profession is an extension of that passion, to assist others in understanding how they can create a level of health that is all encompassing.


Q3- What keeps your enthusiasm for the job? Continuing to learn, staying humble and participating in as many workshops and courses as time allows. This way there is always something to be excited about because I’m always learning something new.

REPS UAE Members in Focus Caroline Leon 

What do you do to aim for optimal wellbeing?

For me optimal wellbeing is a comprehensive, holistic approach to life, which encompasses eating well, understanding where your food comes from, sustainable living, awareness, ethics, having the utmost respect for what you do with your body and how you treat all other living creatures. For me if all of those things are in harmony then that is wellbeing. So essentially to live in harmony




Q4- What is one fitness no no that you regularly see in gyms that gets your blood boiling? 

Hmm I don’t really work in that type of environment so it’s a difficult question to answer.

Q5-What do you do when you feel tempted to skip your own workout?  

I take each day as it comes so If I’m really exhausted then I let myself have a rest.

Q6-Do you diet? No but I do have a Yogic Lifestyle

Q7-What food is always in your fridge?

Avocado, Tomatos, Salad, coconut yoghurt, berries

Q8- What is your guilty pleasure? Vegan chocolate from Loving Earth

Q9-List your favourite supplements

Flax seed oil, digestive enzymes and probiotics, zeolite (similar to bentonite clay)

Q10-If you could only have one piece of equipment at your disposal, what would it be. Why? Yoga Mat, because all you need is your body!

Q11- Who is your fitness hero?

Hmmm no one in particular but I really admire long distance ultra marathon runners, because it takes so much mental discipline.





Q12-Physically, what is your ‘Achilles’ heel’? My Achilles heel is my own mind, it can be the doubtful. (not a good thing when your body know its can do better)

Q13-Whose physique do you most admire?  Cameron diaz,

Q14-What is your get-up-and-go motto? No real motto but I love this quote

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against It.” ~Rumi

Q15-What online resources do you visit the most?

No real online resources I am a very kinaesthetic person so I need to physically do things face to face, so workshops and training courses are a better learning environment for me.


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